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A Love Story In Three Parts, Part II, Donna

A Love Story

Part II


meet donna

returning from an evening dog walk, donna enters her

she carefully removes her boots, placing them in a peruvian
handwoven basket

her beagle, louis trots off to his bed for a nap

donna smiles

she’s reminded of a holiday with lola and josephine,
and the trouble they made traveling to a basket market in pacasmayo

sitting next to the basket are fuzzy slippers

she slips them on and starts her tea kettle

donna removes the tea bag from a ceramic jar
decorated with calla lilies and lights a candle 

as the scent of black cherries and roses fill the air,

she receives a phone call from paul, a gentleman with kind eyes she met at an

outdoor concert a week prior

a few pleasantries are exchanged, as donna sips her


paul asks her for drinks and desserts at a local


donna politely declines and asks for a raincheck

she wishes paul a great night and the call ends


donna finishes her tea and smiles, searching spotify for
tonight’s playlist

she lowers the lights the playlist is aptly titled “warmth”

donna enters her lavatory with her candle and tea cup
in hand

she gently places the candle down as the first track begins,
rinsing her empty tea cup, donna places it gently beside

the aroma and ambient light set the mood the second track plays and

donna sings along

she steps in the shower

a few songs later, donna begins her skin routine

donna buttons her chiffon nightdress over her nightie and grabs her teacup

as donna enters her salon, she questions if she
should’ve invited paul over for drinks

shrugging, she sits deeply into her couch and leans back

louis jumps up to lay beside her

as the next track begins, donna pops the cork of her
favorite cabernet

she is reminded of josephine, and the time they
twirled to this very tune…

she can still hear lola’s giggles

her phone rings 

she answers and hears only giggles…

josephine speaks first, as always, and donna pours
wine into her teacup and smiles… 

"paris?" asks lola

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