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affirmation candle collection

Our hand-poured aromatherapy collection is designed to inspire and uplift.

i deserve love

je mérite l'amour

i deserve peace

je mérite la paix

i deserve rest

je mérite du repos

i deserve healing

je mérite la guérison

i deserve joy

je mérite la joie

i deserve love affirmation candle

Inspired by romance, candlelit rooms, seductive glances, & flirtatious laughter

Notes of rose, black cherry, plums, merlot, & eucalyptus

from $20

i deserve peace affirmation candle

Inspired by morning rituals, sunlit showers, essential oils, & herbal teas

Notes of vanilla, lilac, lavender, sandalwood, & musk

from $20

i deserve rest affirmation candle

Inspired by staycations, sleeping in, facials, long baths & walks

Notes of eucalyptus, lavender, musk, sandalwood, & amber

from $20

i deserve healing affirmation candle

Inspired by endless summers, blooming flowers, late sunsets, & warm breezes

Notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, tonka, oud, & baby powder

from $20

i deserve joy affirmation candle

Inspired by childhood memories, summer vacation, infectious laughter, & freshly cut grass

Notes of cucumber, honeydew melon, saltwater & petrichor

from $20

i deserve affirmation travel candles

Our best-selling candles in a 2oz travel size

Our candles are perfectly sized to infuse your journey with warmth and positivity, no matter where life takes you

from $20