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A Galentine's Day Story In Three Chapters, Chapter 1, Lola

A Galentine's Day Story

Chapter 1
today was a long day…
an, “everything is urgent!” kinda day
with arms and hands full, lola saw an empty seat on the subway
she laughs to herself and breathes deeply, relaxing into the seat
her eyes close and she whispers to herself “thank you”
as lola’s eyes open, she’s taken aback by the most
beautiful woman seated across from her
they both smile
speaking thru her smile, the woman asks “long day?”
“yes” whispers lola
“i know the feeling…” the woman mumbles,
“today’s the last of my long days…” she exclaims
a huge smile flashes over the woman’s face as she professes...
“i retire today!”
“you’re far too young to be retired!”
lola squeals loudly in disbelief...
the other passengers grown, laugh, and mumble to themselves
the beautiful woman motions towards the open seat next to lola


and for the next 30 minutes, or 6 train stops in new yorker,
they sit side by side sharing stories stories of long hours, meetings,
business trips, and holiday parties stories of triumph and regret
as lola ‘s stop approaches, the woman places her hand on lola‘s and says slowly
“take the vacations…”
they lock eyes for just a moment lola smiles,
stepping towards the trains doors bags still filling her hands and arms,
but somehow lighter as the doors open
lola spins around quickly smiling brightly,
she asks “where should i go first?”
“pacasmayo!” the beautiful woman exclaims
lola backs out of the doors they close and a final smile is exchanged between kindred spirits


as lola exits the station,
and the cold winter air embraces her
she thinks of the beautiful woman sitting across the train car
the woman who lived a parallel life
lola enters her home,
placing her bags on the counter her kitchen smells of white roses as she enters her bathroom,
lola lights a candle...
eucalyptus fills the air
her silk chemise hanging on antique hook behind the door
she thinks of donna and josephine
maybe a getaway is exactly what they need
can’t let that beautiful woman down right?
she starts a group text and sends a single word
a moment passes and the phone rings...
and group call from her two favorite people…
our love story continues next week, with Donna

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