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A Love Story In Three Parts, Part III, Josephine

A Love Story

Part III


meet josephine
as josephine exits the subway, she notices some
beautiful white roses at a corner shop
shorty, the shop owner, notices josephine‘s attraction
and asks, “which ones? the white?”
josephine smiles
“how did you know?” shorty responds with a laugh
“only you, and that friend of yours buy white roses in the winter!”
as shorty passes josephine the roses, and the aroma surrounds her, and she’s reminded of lola
josephine smiles she stumbles up her brownstone steps, almost dropping her
keys and sighs “it’s good to be home,” she whispers to herself
franklyn greets her at the door and gently takes her bags
he can tell her day has been long and runs a bath
josephine kicks off her shoes onto the shoe pile by the door
she checks her emails and answers a few, smelling vanilla in the air
franklyn calls her to the bath and tells her he’ll be home soon
as josephine looks up from a small kiss exchanged, she notices her velvet robe on the towel bar
a candle lit in the corner she laughs out loud remembering donna’s joke about
lighting morning candles in the evening
vanilla and lavender fill the air as josephine disrobes and drops another bath ball in the water
as the bath ball dissolves, and the bubbles overflow, she notices white rose petals and smiles…
josephine sits in the tub with her eyes closed, enjoying the quiet


her mind wanders to paris and a small café

another lola adventure
she smiles
thinking of the chance subway encounter that brought her friends closer
josephine is reminded of the escargot lola dared her to try
reaching for closest book on the bath ledge, josephine finishes a few more chapters
her breath slows and her eyes close again awakened by cool water, josephine chuckles to herself
she climbs out of the tub and reaches for her towel
her velvet robe falls to the floor while drying off, josephine she slips a bit and lands
on her plush bathmat
she laughs remembering the time donna and franklyn convinced her to buy an extra mat pad just for her slip and falls
josephine reaches for her phone, not even considering getting up
an e-mail pops up and tosses the phone into a basket of towels
she smiles, remembering pacasmayo
still sitting josephine reaches for body butter and hums a tune
remembering where she heard it, she smiles as she pulls her robe towards her
she thinks of getting up… maybe she’ll answer that email
draping her robe over her shoulders, she yells out “siri, call friends!”
on the second ring, she remembers why that tune is so familiar
“that’s it!” josephine exclaims and laughs aloud
the call connects
“guess where I am?!” josephine asks… and before donna can answer, she says, “i’m on that cushy bathmat! you were right!”
lola giggles uncontrollably
donna and josephine chime in
the laughs echo…
lola interrupts… “a new adventure maybe?”

The End

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