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I Deserve Joy (Je Mérite La Joie)


At Je Mérite, I Deserve, we believe that everyone deserves to experience joy and happiness in their daily lives.

Joy is not just a fleeting emotion; it's a state of being that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.


This week's affirmation is…

I Deserve Joy

Je Mérite La Joie


At Je Mérite, I Deserve, we're dedicated to helping you find and embrace joy in your everyday life.

Our luxurious loungewear is designed to provide comfort and style, so you can feel pampered and cherished every day.

Remember, joy is your birthright. You deserve to experience happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Treat yourself to the luxury of joy, and watch as it transforms your life.

“"Tomorrow's not promised, enjoy today, choose joy, choose peace, choose yourself"

Michell C Clark

Let's begin this week with a blog post

15 Ways to Embrace Joy & Delight This Spring

from Christen Hammons of Bella Grace

Many people think of spring as a time of rebirth, a time when we can put the dark, gloomy days of winter behind us and look forward to happier, brighter times.

With Spring in full swing, take this chance to start anew and recommit to adding more of the little things that bring me joy to their life.

Next, a podcast conversation with Brené Brown and Karen Walrond

Brené with Karen Walrond on Accessing Joy and Finding Connection in the Midst of Struggle

from Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

In this episode, Brené is sitting across from her friend Karen Walrond and she's helping her to access joy.

Brené was in such deep struggle and could not access any joy.

This conversation was incredibly healing.

If you're struggling with how to be fully connected in your life and feel joy and acknowledge beauty and also fight for the things that we need to fight for right now, this will be a great podcast for you.

Next, logically, is Karen Walrond's book, The Lightmaker's Manifesto, which is all about working for change without losing your joy.

The Lightmaker's Manifesto: How to Work for Change without Losing Your Joy

by Karen Walrond

Many of us have strong convictions.

We want to advocate for causes we care about--but which ones? We want to work for change--but will the emotional toll lead to burn out?

Leadership coach, lawyer, photographer, and activist Karen Walrond knows that when you care deeply about the world, light can seem hard to find. But when your activism grows out of your joy--and vice versa--you begin to see light everywhere.

In The Lightmaker's Manifesto, Walrond helps us name the skills, values, and actions that bring us joy; identify the causes that spark our empathy and concern; and then put it all together to change the world.

And before we begin our film, let's mellow the moment with a 10 min meditation from Great Meditation

A Place Of Joy

Let us take you to a place of joy. This is a truly transformational experience.

If you like the feeling of floating blissfully in the clouds while experiencing a surge of love, gratitude and joy in your heart, then you will love this 10 minute meditation for pure joy!

And last, but not least, as we close out AAPI Heritage Month, let's watch one of my personal favorites....

The Joy Luck Club

""The Joy Luck Club" comes rushing off the screen in a torrent of memories, as if its characters have been saving their stories for years, waiting for the right moment to share them. That moment comes after a death and a reunion that bring the past back in all of its power, and show how the present, too, is affected - how children who think they are so very different are deeply affected by the experiences of their parents." - Roger Ebert

Starring Tamlyn Tomita, Rosalind Chao, & Kieu Chinh

Have a great week!

I deserve love, friendship, and laughter, I deserve peace, grace, and rest

Not because of beauty, not because of intelligence, nor because I work hard

Not because of riches nor privilege nor stature

I deserve it because I exist

I deserve and so do you

as always, affirmations from previous weeks are available here

you'll be hearing more from me soon. Promise.

tamara charese

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